Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fashion Statement

Dad totally flaked on uploading this awesome picture... so here's the
belated post.

Raina's quick-set nailpolish or whatever Mom applied before starting
chemo earlier this week. Too cute.


  1. that's adorable!!! by the way, this is Jaime (Schymick) & I was visiting my grandpa & grandma last week... Grandma Bernice (Swistock) knows what little R is going through & she told me "oh, yes, Jaime, I've been praying for her..." the concern in her eyes melted me & I wanted you to know the whole family is thinking of you all & sending love/health/prayer your way. Also, I was looking at the Gulf for just a moment last night & wondered if when you pray, you pray up to the sky like me, & I swear to you, a shooting star went by.... it was for me, for you. xo's ! thinking of you always even though it's been so long...

  2. also, please e mail me at some time... I am a photographer & work for the most amazing person ever who would love to help you out ,,, our buizz is expanding & we are working on some inspirational things, not to mention how learning your hardship has changed my life. xo's again, Jaime !

  3. She has the cutest little fingers....