Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Raina playing with all the fantastic toys at Children's Hospital of
Philadelphia while we wait to meet the team.


  1. Well doesn't Little-V look pretty today?! I love the coordinating paci and dress combo. Glad they have some fun toys to pass the time. Even happier to see Raina is interested in playing with them.

    Good luck...I hope you like the team and that they give you that 'warm fuzzy' feeling we all like to get from the folks caring for our children.

  2. Raina is going to rock this piece of the program. When you are done with this stint maybe take her to Reading Market for some (any!) of the awesome cupcakes or other treats from the many vendors! (if you can...) I wish we could meet you there!! Thinking about you all non stop!!

  3. Glad to hear you are in Philadelphia. I am sure the team taking care of R will be wonderful. Thinking about you. xoxo.

  4. The Moo's take Philly! It was great to see you on Sunday. Good luck with this next step in the process. Hope to see you again soon, but in the meantime, big hugs to you all and an extra one for Little V. :)

  5. I second the outfit coordination and how super cute she looks today! She will definately win some hearts over- such a pretty little thing she is.

    Well wishes for this next leg of the journey- I hope your visit to Philadelphia goes well!


  6. No doubt they will fall in love with Miss Raina like everyone else that knows her! Good luck with the next step of the journey. Hugs to you all.