Friday, July 29, 2011

Hooked Up

Last day of the round four stay (hopefully). Raina getting stem cells, a liquid lunch and some fluids while being monitored by various contraptions. For the record, stem cell infusion makes her smell like corn. Weird!


  1. what a trooper. big hugs, little v. xoxo.

  2. YEHAW! Fresh new stem cells to show what's left of that tumor the door!

    Raina sure looks bright and cheery in her pretty rainbow dress. Hope you guys have a great weekend AT HOME!

  3. Oh I am so glad the last day of round four is over. Courtney you look so beautiful and you have such grace. Not many people could muster up a beautiful smile like that while enduring what you have to go through. And her adorable dress! She is for sure the most stylish little patient EVER! I continue to keep your little trio in my prayers. XO Danielle

  4. One day at a time.
    I am praying for Raina every day.
    I saw many earth quake suvivors in Japan this summer. Their hope is my hope, too. Keiko