Monday, October 14, 2013

Two Years

Another day spent remembering.  Another day spent longing.  Some wounds time does not heal, it turns out.  That's okay.  The sadness and joy are so tightly woven together that to heal would be to forget.  No thanks.

Dear Raina-
Thank you for the joy you brought us and all of those who knew you.  Thank you for your strength and your irrepressible kindness.  Thank you for the 20 months we shared and the wisdom you passed on.  Thank you for giving us the courage to bring your sister into this world.  We miss you, little buddy... and we will never forget.  


  1. So many people spent today remembering, too -- remembering a wonderful soul. We love you guys.

  2. As always spent remebering Raina. As hard as it is to understand why she is gone, I like to remember the many joys she brought to everyone she encountered for such a little person. She was an amazing little girl that will always be loved and remembered. Miss and Love you.

    Shannon, Kyle and Ryan

  3. Our lives have been forever changed by the power of your undying love and devotion to Raina. The fight you endured....always together...taught us so much about commitment, hope, grace and dignity. We thank you for sharing your journey, Raina's life, with us so that we can carry her beautiful spirit forward in all that we do. Much love and many hugs to you.

  4. Dear Raina,
    There is not one day that passes that you are not thought of...the 14th is always a day that saddens me. Your eyes had the warmth and your smile, the courage, to make it all better. You impacted so many lives and your spirit will always be with us.

    Courtney/Jason - thank you for sharing the good times with the not so good with us...your strength and partnership in getting through has always been admirable. Raina was such a fortunate little munchkin to have such devoted parents...

    We love you and miss you all.
    -Amisha & Rushi

  5. This is a beautiful post. I think of Raina often...she forever left an imprint on my heart. I am so grateful that you both were willing to share her with all of us. I feel like I got to know her so well through your blog. I still go back and look at the blog when I am thinking of her. I just watched the memorial video. Just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all! XOXOX Danielle K. & Family

  6. Think of you all often! Here's to hoping and wishing your memories and time with Raina along with the love and beauty of Lydia keep your days full of smiles!! Love - The Howes's Family :)

  7. courtney & jason, i am thinking of you all today - a random day i know, but i heard the adele song you had on the video of raina - and it always makes me think of you and her. just wanted to "stop by" and let you know i'm sending big hugs your way. love, amanda

  8. Stopping by to say I was thinking of Raina and you all tonight. Love you lots!